Mantric Mambo’s Discography

In 2001, Mantric Mambo recorded the first two albums with Yatra’s visionary songs. The first double album called “O Despertar” and the second “Cantos da Jurema”.

Until then, the visionary songs played by the band, were only composition of Yatra.

From then on, inspired by the Ayahuasca realms, and by the various spiritual ceremonies that they did together, where the band were improving at every session; all members of the band started composing their own visionary songs, like the Ayahuasca had rescued within the heart of each one this type of musicality and brought up the spiritual musical gift,  which has been a blessing for everyone, providing plenty of creativity and visionary music between the band members.

Together, they developed their own style of distinct rhythms and enchanting lyrics, in which each band member brings his particular style, with an exuberant diversity of expression, within a single context that is now the Mantric Mambo music.

In 2003, they produced the album “Roda da Vida”, with the merging of their acoustic style with some electronic music elements and dub with the visionary music of Raghini, and in 2010, they produced the album “Cabocla Land” with visionary music of Yatra, Raghini and others. In the year 2016, they produced the album “Melodias Cristalinas”, recorded live at the Temple Mãe D’Agua, with visionary music from almost all members of the band, marking a new era of the Mantric Mambo.

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Mantric Mambo band is part of the Cipó Records label, a label for spiritual Brazilian music. All our digital discography can be found for sale in the catalog of the Cipó records at Check the promotion to get the complete discography of the band.