Band Biography


Mantric Mambo is the name of the Temple Mãe D’água’s band, as well as the definition of its innovative style. The balance that intertwines the soft, crystalline melodies with the beautiful and harmonic voices; the groove and the irresistible magic of the guitars, drums, flutes, accordion and the sampoña, as well as its particular way of interpreting and recombining rhythms and styles with deep Latin and african-American roots, convert Mantric Mambo in a unique band of it’s kind.

Over the years they have played in many spiritual ceremonies and also presented in different stages.

It all started in mid-1997, when the group began to take ayahuasca together and playing in the ceremonies the visionary music of Yatra, spiritual leader and founder of the Temple Mãe D’água and of the Centro de Conscientização dos Amigos da Floresta in Alto Paraiso Goiás – Brazil.

The band consists of Yatra (voice, keyboard and mixing), Ambika (voice and art design), Raghini (voice, flute, accordion and mixing) Pablo (guitar, viola caipira and electric guitar), Ninad (guitar, bass, charango and mixing), Katy (percussion), and Ion (percussion and sampoña).

Other musicians had special participation in the production of some of the band’s albums.

The Mantric Mambo’s music reflects the expression of the divine; the musicality in its most pure and crystalline frequency, transmitting the love and unity that exists among its members, which manifests itself in the harmony and magnitude of each song!

Mantric Mambo’s musicians

YATRAMusic/lyrics, singer, keyboard and mixing
RaghiniMusic/lyrics, singer, flute, accordion and mixing
Ambika Music/lyrics, singer, art designer
NinadMusic/lyrics, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass, xarango and mixing Musical
PabloMusic/lyrics, acoustic guitar, Caipira guitar and electric guitar
KatyMusic/lyrics, singer, percurssion, acoustic guitar
IonPercurssion, sampoña and photography