Psychoactive medicinal plants 

the Amazon forest

Under a diverse variety of names: 
ne’pe, xono, date’m, kamarampi, pilde, natema, yage’, caapi, mihi, iona, mii, nixi pae, etc.
..tribes widely separated from one another manifest an intimate knowledge of Ayahuasca use. 
In the early 1920’s, this indigenous tradition 
touched the white man, and several churches were founded in Brazil, among them the Santo Daime, 
União do Vegetal, Barquinha and later, other independent centers were created. 
Chemically, the compounds in Ayahuasca of current interest have a common structure and influence the actions of the central nervous system. 
Most striking are their chemical similarities to the neurotransmitter serotonin (5-HT). 
It is known to be 5-HT 1A agonist and a 5-HT 2 receptors (Deliganis et al 1991). 
The combination of specific serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (SSRIs, such as Prozac) and other antidepressants with Ayahuasca or other MAO inhibitors can result in life-threatening situations (Callaway 1994).







Ayahuasca and Espirituality


The “spiritual search” is a natural quest. In order for this search to be realized in terms 
of fulfillment, 
it involves faith in something greater than just life itself, as well as trust in some higher intelligence, or higher levels of consciousness, that created ourselves and the universe with such perfection. 
The mystical experiences 
with the ritualistic use of Ayahuasca promote this faith, and trust, as well as a space of inner peace, opening the path for the individual to feel connected to God – creative force, without any dogmatic concepts. 
As his faith grows, he is able to perceive himself as the being of light that he is. 
Some visionary experiences with Ayahuasca 
showing heavenly landscapes with angels, spiritual beings or mystical realms, create a bridge to the sacred within, fulfilling various aspects 
of the spiritual search. 
These experiences create a 
common ground to explore the many aspects of the spiritual identity, with surrender and trusting the inner guidance. 
This common ground will merge with the insights, allowing reconnection with inner truth. 
With the continuous use of Ayahuasca, 
the individual finds the path towards the divine within, establishing the connection with God, and fulfilling the spiritual search.